Honeywell Turbo Fan

Assembly Management


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What: Created a 1:1 scale model of the Honeywell Turbo Air Force 9000 HT fan. The model includes all functional mechanical components.

How: Took detailed measurements using a digital caliper and measuring tape. I utilized advanced surfacing techniques in SOLIDWORKS to model the fan's plastic enclosure and blades. I finalized the model by using the assembly feature to combine the separate fan components.

Results: Successfully modeled the functional and aesthetic components of the product in detail and to scale, all while improving my surfacing ability and learning new and effective 3D modelling techniques.

Advanced Surfacing

A.K.D Plaque

What: Created a wooden plaque as a way to introduce myself to the Sienci Labs Longmill MK2.

How: Designed the plaque in Fusion 360, then proceeded to use fusion 360 CAM to generate toolpaths and G-code. I then transferred the code to G-Sender and used the LongMill MK2 to engrave and cut the piece.

Results: Gained an understanding of Fusion 360 CAM and toolpath generation. Gained more CNC experience and successfully created the piece. (My endmill was too big to make the inner diamond cut, lol that's why the final plaque has a hole in it )

Fusion 360 CAM

CNC Machining


Radiator Side Panels



What: During my short stint with Waterloo Formula Electric, I manufactured side panel sheets responsible for the protection of the electric vehicle's radiator.

How: I precisely cut aluminum sheets using a vertical bandsaw to create chamfers and utilized a Dremel to perform smaller detailed cuts. I used a sheet metal brake to bend the panel to an angle of precisely 10 degrees and prepared the sheet for attachment to the vehicle's chassis by using a power drill to create mounting holes.

Results: The sheets were accurately manufactured based on CAD model specifications at a low cost andserved as reliable radiator protection in the final build.

What: Ideated, designed, and fabricated a toy dagger products as a creative project for a family friend.

How: I modelled the dagger using SOLIDWORKS and fabricated the dagger through 3D printing. I then painted the part for a nice aesthetic finish.

Results: Took a product idea from the ideation process to completed prototype, all while considering ergonomic, functional, and aesthetic needs.

Excalibur Dagger


Product Design

3D Printing

GameStation Controller

Product Design


What: Designed the enclosure of a videogame console controller using SOLIDWORKS.

How: Rigorously followed consumer electronic design processes, considering ergonomics, aesthetics, dimensions, PCB integration, and more. I then 3D printed the model to validate the aesthetics and ergonomics of the design.

Results: Took a product idea from the ideation process to full scale CAD model and prototype while following critical design processes.

3D Printing

Lamp Model


Advanced Surfacing

Assembly Management

What: I modelled the lamp found in my family living room. It consists of 3 unique assemblies combined into one, and contains all key mechanical components and fixtures

How: I utilized advanced surfacing and sweep techniques in Solidworks to create lamp crystals and chandeliers. The Solidworks picture feature was utilized to accurately recreate complex geometry and curves.

Results: Significantly improved Solidworks ability and provided invaluable experience with the modelling of complex geometry often encountered in product design.

CAD Practice Circuit

What: Over my 1st co-op term I made an effort to significantly improve my CAD skills on my free time. On top of some personal projects, I decided to practice creating 3D models of mechanical components such as automatic stops, pivot arms and more, based on existing engineering drawings found online.

How: The parts were modelled in a variety of different CAD software such as SOLIDWORKS , Creo Parametric, Fusion 360, Inventor, and Onshape, with the help of a variety of different unique features.

Results: Heavily improved 3D modelling capabilities and GD&T knowledge as well as draft drawing interpretations. I additionally diversified my CAD abilities and am now proficient in several different software.



Fusion 360