Mechanical Engineering and Product Design Portfolio


Bend All Automotive - Test and Validation Engineering Intern (May 2023-Aug 2023)

Conducted several tests on a wide variety of transmission and emission oil coolers for automotive companies such as Ford, General Motors, Rivian, and Chrysler

Tests conducted included tensile tests, leak tests, burst tests, pressure flow cell tests, and many more

Practical Skills and Knowledge: SOLIDWORKS, AutoCAD, Onshape, Creo, Inventor, Fusion 360, FEA analysis, Rapid prototyping, 3D printing, Laser cutting, CNC machining, Root cause analysis, GD&T, FMEA, Risk analysis, Product design, DFMA, C/C++, MATLAB, Arduino, Circuit Design, DMM, Soldering

Interests and strengths : fitness, futebol,track and field fanatic, theology (I'm a christian), anime and manga enjoyer, hard worker, passionate about my craft, got that dawwwgggg in me!

Weaknesses: recovering Youtube junkie, sparkling water addict, lab report hater

I am a mechanical engineering student who currently attends the university of Waterloo. I have a passion for product design engineering and hope to land a full time job in this area at the end of my studies. I hope you enjoy looking through my portfolio!

Sienci Labs - Mechancial/Mechatronics Product Design Intern (Jan 2024-May 2024)

Electrium Mobility - Mechancial Designer (Jan 2024 - May 2024)

Worked with a small team to produce a lightweight, reliable, and safe e-scooter design

Spearheaded the design of the build and assisted in the manufacturing process by utilizing CNC and manual machining to produce key parts

Designed and prototyped the Sienci LaserBeam Magnetic Mount

Assisted in the fabrication and wiring of the Sienci CO2 Laser prototype

Produced detailed resource pages and S.O.Ps for the LaserBeam and its accessories

The Scoot-E


The Magnetic Mount

The Scoot-E is an electric scooter being developed by the Electrium Mobility design team. It's designed to be a speedy, lightweight, safe, and aesthetic electric vehicle that provides peak performance.

I've specifically taken charge of the steering system, frame, and deck designs. I've additionally contributed to several other facets and components of the vehicle.

The magnetic mount was designed for more efficient LaserBeam diode attachment. Upon release, it is estimated to increase sales by 10%, raking in an estimated $1500 a month in revenue for the LaserBeam Team.

The design's geometry allows for attachment with all 3 different Sienci LaserBeam mounting plates and ensures no interference with surrounding parts. The product was designed with DFMA principles in mind, thus is easy to assemble, and cheap and efficient to manufacture.

The mount's magnetic strength is perfectly balanced, ensuring safety in conjunction with low effort detachment, while still guarenteeing precise laser engraving at high speeds.


CNC & Manual Machining

3D Printing & Product Design

Product Design

3D Printing & Rapid Prototyping


Drone Design Challenge

More Projects

To improve my design skills and to have some fun I undertook the University of Waterloo Aerial Robotics bootcamp. It's a design challenge in which the individual has to make two unique components for their competetion drone, those being a landing gear and an electronic speed controller enclosure. The designs had to meet a set of strict criteria and required me to think of unique design solutions.