During my time at Sienci Labs I worked as a product designer under the LaserBeam Team. I owned the design of a prototype for Sienci's LaserBeam Magnetic Mount. I also assisted with the development of Sienci's CO2 laser prototype, specifically helping with the fabrication of enclosure panels and the wiring of power supplies, sensors, and motors. I was also key in producing documentation for the product's safety certification. Furthermore, I produced several resource and product pages for LaserBeam accessories, and produced a detailed 57 page SOP for the LaserBeam system, which details in-depth, step-by-step troubleshooting instructions customers can use to solve potential issues that may occur with their product overtime.

This photo showcases magnetic mount prototypes I developed. The LaserBeam Magnetic mount was a project I was given full ownership of. The goal was to design a prototype for a magnetic mount that would simplify LaserBeam diode attachment. This design was tricky as it optimally had to work with all laser diode mounting plates, had to have enough strength to ensure engraving quality remained high at certain speeds, and had to be produced with DFMA principles in mind. I have a whole page dedicated to the process that led to my final design which you can find in my projects section or by clicking the see more button below.

These photos showcase the C02 Laser prototype. I was responsible for several of the connections between the Laser Power Supply , 24V general power supply, HT-30 Water Flow Sensor and the Rudia RDC644G/S Laser Controller . I spliced wires through soldering to achieve desired cable lengths, and used heat guns to shrink tubing around soldered areas. I also fed the wiring through braided sleeves to clean up the appearance and simplify organization. Additionally, I used the company's LongMill MK2 CNC mill to fabricate the two top panels of the build's enclosure out of MDF. I also contributed to general mechanical assembly by modifying existing parts during the prototyping process.

I worked on several documents over my time with Sienci as well. I produced detailed resources, assembly guides, and product pages for LaserBeam accessory products such as the Vortex Riser Mount and the Magnetic Mount I designed. I produced documentation that was pivotal in the safety certification and validation process for the CO2 Laser, and also produced a 57 page SOP for the LaserBeam system. This SOP summarizes potential issues that could occur with a customer's LaserBeam system and details methods of troubleshooting that can be performed to regain proper functioning. The goal of this SOP was to reduce customer tickets significantly and to serve as a comprehensive guide to troubleshooting for any future LaserBeam Team members.

A video I shot with the company detailing the assembly and setup of the LaserBeam Vortex Riser Mount, a product in which I helped launch